Linwood Education College is a training organisation for education professionals. We strive for excellence in vocational education. Our aims are to provide quality status and training for effective teachers.


Improving Education

The Linwood Education College is a leading training organisation. We strive for excellence in vocational education. Our training links individuals, teachers and schools across the world allowing ‘the edge’ in employment.

Our aims are to provide quality status and training for effective teachers.

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Autism is a serious disorder that hampers development and impairs the ability to interact and communicate. It leads to a range of language, social and communication issues with severity ranging from mild and undiagnosed to severe. People with a severe condition find it difficult to engage successfully in society.

Basic Maths

Basic Maths course targets the basic mathematical concepts that are of help during everyday life both during the study as well as during the work life. It seeks to demystify maths to the layman and seeks to teach:

  • The number system and relationships between sizes of objects
  • Understand basic elements of algebra and work with basic algebraic manipulation
  • How to solve simple and simultaneous equations and also how to transpose equations
  • How to use rounding rules to the results of calculations and how these affect the final outcome
  • How to calculate binominal coefficients
  • How to use a calculator and also use the extended set of functions available in calculators.
Bullying Course

Bullying is a serious concern in our society and affects the victims in many ways and may leave long-term psychological scars. The course looks at this critical issue in schools and also seeks to outline ways that can be adopted to support victims of bullying and also to reduce levels of bullying by identifying and addressing bullies.

Classroom Behaviour Course

Classroom behaviour of the students and the teachers is very important as an errant student can spoil an entire teaching session. The teacher’s response to such behaviour also is equally important as it sends out a signal to the other students. This course focuses on this important aspect of a teacher’s training by looking at the area of classroom behaviour.


  • Autism Awareness Course
  • Classroom Behaviour Course
  • Bullying Course
  • Basic Maths Course
  • Higher Level Teaching Assistant Course
  • Special Education Needs Course

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