Advanced Course in Child Development

Advanced Course in Child Development

Understanding the different development stages in children and young person is of vital importance for people involved or working with them. This facet is an important part of most of the curriculum for various qualifications and teaching courses necessary for working in this field. Some of these courses are essential for obtaining necessary qualifications. This early year foundation stage course forms an important part in understanding a child’s development through the various stages. A child is defined as any person up to the age of nineteen; hence it covers all the formative years of a child as well as the problematic teen years. This range is also defined in the children’s and young person’s workforce qualifications.

The course is designed in such a manner that each module focuses on a very particular aspect of development. There are a total of four modules and each module addresses one or more than one learning outcomes so that at the end of the course you are well equipped to understand all the aspects of development and are able to handle various issues associated with it. This course enables you to:

  • Understand the main stages of child development
  • The different influences that affect development
  • Understand how support is essential in children development and also how to support this phase
  • Understand how to reinforce and support positive behaviour in children and young persons
  • The potential effects of transitions on children’s development.



The course is divided into four modules which address different aspects of child’s development.

Module 1

Understanding the main stages of development in children and young persons are very important. The module teaches through a set of activities to guide in the studies. We will explore the expected pattern of children’s development up to the age of nineteen. We will also explore how different aspects of development have a bearing on each other.

Module 2

Development in children and youngster’s is affected by different influences. Some of them have a positive effect while others have a negative impact. The module, through a set of activities, guides you in understanding these influencers. The module also focuses on research the different influences that have their origins in their background, an environment in which they live and grow up and their health.

Module 3

This module will focus on how you, as a teacher, can play a role in supporting the development of your students. We will look at the use of observations to support the development of children and young persons. A set of activities will guide you during this module. You will also learn how to plan activities that lead to holistic development and also encourage positive behaviour among your students.

Module 4

Transitions have the potential to affect young people and children’s development. We will focus on this critical aspect through a set of activities that explore the different ways in which transitions affect development. We will also explore the different range and variety of transitions that may be experienced by children and youngsters. This will make you reflect the different ways in which adults can support children and guide them through these transitions.