Bullying Course

Bullying is a serious concern in our society and affects the victims in many ways and may leave long-term psychological scars. The course looks at this critical issue in schools and also seeks to outline ways that can be adopted to support victims of bullying and also to reduce levels of bullying by identifying and addressing bullies. A series of Reflection on Practice exercises help you to reflect on your practice and your school and also help you to identify procedures and interventions that can limit bullying in your school.

The course material and other resources are relevant to the topic and are also up to date with the latest trends in this area. They cover various relevant aspects like; understanding bullying, statutory responses, research into bullying, methods to support victims, e-Safety and the issue of Cyberbullying, identification and support of vulnerable groups and development of a consolidated school response.

This course is recommended for everyone working with children and in particular to teachers, teaching assistants, supply teachers, lecturers and supervisors.



The course on bullying is divided into five modules.

Module 1

Understanding Bullying

This module seeks to impart knowledge about various aspects of bullying and seeks to:

  1. Develop a definition of bullying and also to understand different types and forms of bullying
  2. Understand where bullying occurs and also to understand why it takes place
  3. Identify the psychology of bullies and victims
  4. Understand the short term and long term effects of bullying on the students.

Module 2

The Background

This module will look at the history of bullying, relevant research and statutory responsibilities. It will seek to:

  1. Develop an understanding through study of key research findings.
  2. Identify ways and means adopted by successful schools
  3. Analyse and understand OFSTED and Government guidelines on bullying
  4. Understand Statutory Responsibilities
  5. Understand your school’s policies related to bullying and explore means of improving them.

Module 3

Supporting the victims

Bullying affects the victims and they may carry short-term or long-term physiological scars. The module is concerned with helping and supporting these victims. It will focus on:

  1. Understanding different types of support and help that can be provided to victims of bullying
  2. Understanding different types of assertiveness training available and how these can help actual and potential victims.
  3. Explore ways in which Peer support and reconciliatory and restorative approaches help to reduce bullying
  4. Understand how to improve the safety of children in schools.

Module 4

Cyberbullying/ e-Safety and Bullying of vulnerable groups

This module will focus the attention on Cyberbullying and issues related to e-Safety. We will also look into issues related to vulnerable groups. We will focus on:

  1. Understanding issues related to Cyberbullying and e-safety and steps that can be taken to protect children from them
  2. Identify and understand laws related to Cyberbullying with specific focus on children
  3. Importance of supporting and protecting children from sexual bullying
  4. Developing and understanding of what constitutes as identity-related bullying and methods and strategies to protect such victims.

Module 5

Developing a School-Wide Response Towards Bullying

There has to be a common approach in the school towards bullying. This module will concentrate on developing such an approach.

  1. Identify the contents of a universal Anti-Bullying Policy
  2. Understand different types of data and survey data available
  3. Study the impact of bystanders on bullying
  4. Develop a course summary.