Child Psychology Skills Course

Child Psychology Skills Course

We are all exposed to children at one time or the other either as a teacher, nurse or as a parent or in any other role. This exposure enriches our social experience. We also enrich the social experience of children by understanding the child as well as the different developmental processes that they experience. Understanding child psychology is important to anyone closely associated with children and this course will be of immense help to those who work or live with children. Teachers will also find this course very useful to get background information and understanding child psychology.


The course is divided into thirteen units; each unit will explore a unique aspect of child psychology.

Module 1

Unit 1 will give a basic introduction to child psychology and some of the basic issues.

Unit 2 concentrates on the psychology of the newborn

Module 2

Unit 3 looks at senses and different states of the infant.

Unit 4 looks at different theories of learning in early childhood and infancy.

Unit 5 explores the emotions experienced during early childhood.

Module 3

Unit 6 talks about Cognitive Development.

Unit 7 looks at communications during infancy and birth language.

Unit 8 talks about the nature of intelligence.

Module 4

Unit 9 gives an introduction to Social Cognition.

Unit 10 looks at different aspects of socialization.

Unit 11 is about moral development.

Module 5

Unit 12 looks at altruism and aggression.

Unit 13 explores sexuality and sex role identity.