IPGCE Course

International Post Graduate Certificate in Education Course

The International Post Graduate Certificate in Education [IPGCE] is a part-time course designed for international teachers who already have at least two years of experience as a class teacher, a bachelor’s degree and an IELTS or PTE test result that proves your English language skills.
The IPGCE provides a valid teaching licence for overseas teachers, attested and verified by The Global Teaching Network.

A test result of at least 6.5 for the IELTS and 60 for the Pearson Test of English (PTE) are minimum requirements. The Primary Years IPGCE considers all aspects of the teaching practice through critical self-analysis, research and rigorous study.

Those that have graduated tell us that the IPGCE has helped them to acquire promotion into better teaching positions. It has also been useful for those wishing to enrich their experience and knowledge of child education practice.

Individual teaching methods and practices are analyzed, progressed and improved by comprehensive research and critical reflection. Ultimately, the whole focus is on progression of individual teaching techniques. Hence, the IPGCE commonly applies to all curricula with no exemptions. Furthermore, it equips students to compare, interpret and analyse the different teaching methods practised across various countries to generate an eminent worldwide approach to education.

The IPGCE involves a personal introductory meeting with the tutor and students. Online learning is enabled after the initial meeting equipped with guidance from the individually appointed tutor.

Unique of its kind, the IPGCE course is designed and represented by a devoted international college. The course is accessible from any part of the world. Needless to say, the truly professional tutors with substantial expertise offer good value for your money.

English for Second Language speakers

The common objective of the Primary Years IPGCE is to improve practice by analysis of innovative ideas and resourceful techniques applied in the classrooms. To be more specific, the IPGCE aims at developing teaching methods by,

  • Providing assistance in understanding the education system but with consideration of English as a Second Language (ESL).
  • Assisting you to learn and master the basic concepts, theories, techniques, principles, etc and analysis of the varied educational requirements.
  • Focusing on gaining an in-depth understanding about a wide range of strategies in teaching.
  • Developing specialization in practitioner research.
  • Equipping the teacher with valuable resources for future lessons.

The IPGCE is intended for teachers who have a global outlook and who wish to work in an international setting. The course has 45 teaching standards. Mentors and tutors will assess these standards and subsequently moderation by The Global Teaching Network  will take place.

Teachers will demonstrate skills and knowledge through direct classroom observation. Students must submit video lessons in each of the key areas to acquire full accreditation.

Why the IPGCE – International Post-Graduate Certificate of Education?

The IPGCE course curriculum acts as a catalyst in meeting the joints of institutional changes benefiting the students as well as teachers in national and global scenarios. Set across 45 standards, the core evidence of the course involves a number of skills leading to self-evaluation, professional assessment and instructional methodology. The IPGCE certificate is a mirror of evidence that confirms the teacher’s dedication and commitment to cantered learning and teaching. In simple terms, it is an inevitable international qualification for the very best international teaching professionals.

Features of the 12 Month Programme

  • At the IPGCE institute – An in-depth workshop for 2 days hosted by the partners and affiliations of the IPGCE schools.
  • The Virtual Learning Environment regulated by IPGCE towards online learning supports individual learning, practice and research.
  • Participation of a Mentor from a host school, (approved by the Linwood Education College).
  • Validation by the Global Teaching Network.
  • Mandatory completion of a portfolio – this requisites 190 hours duration for 9 to 12 months.

IPGCE Course Structure

The course comprises four parts with 15 credit units. The initial part necessitates an extensive and in-depth block of study. Using distance learning, you can acquire all units in combination with practitioner investigations in your schools.

A dedicated virtual learning environment is employed during distant learning. The learning material consists of course materials, recourses and of course, the online tutor support.

Please check out our comprehensive guidance on computer specification notes to ensure that you have access to all essential to enable the online study.

All units will be critically evaluated by a 3000 word assignment and evaluation, for each unit.

The current IPGCE modules include:

  • Early years progression
  • Child psychology and behavior
  • Methodologies to teaching second language learners
  • Evaluation of understanding in young learners

The specifically designed IPGCE course intends to ensure the provision of world-class quality of education and exceptional teaching globally in the 21st century. Teachers who enrollwill be taught about the desired skills and principles and acquainted with the specific requirements of Primary age students, in particular ESL pupils. The course calls for an intensive critical analysis as well as reflective practice. It necessitates that teachers focus on developing school-oriented activities. It also emphasizes that the individual should be advanced and multi-disciplined.

The Primary Years course considers:

  • International educational from the early years to adult education – Teachers will focus on developing opportunities towards understanding human learning.
  • International teaching competencies – Teachers aim at managing the challenges posed by international curricula and international schools by development of specific strategies and skills.
  • Language – Language learning is one of the important dimensions that teachers will focus on developing. Teachers will share their experience and knowledge by taking part in an online seminar.
  • Supporting the mobility and transition of students – Teachers will assess the various types of transitions experienced by the students and support them in finding appropriate ways to cope with the same.
  • Ensuring a professional approach and progression in the international cadre. Teachers, in order to execute their intensive knowledge and skills, set individual reflective practice. It also helps them in professional growth, as it helps in learning for life, not merely for this course.

Enrolment and Application Process

Linwood Education College expects all the applicants to strictly adhere to the ethics and policies derived by the school. Any activity or professional behaviour that appears unethical or unlawful will result in termination from the programme.

Prerequisites of applicants

  • Appropriate teaching experience and degree corresponding the grade / subject / level.
  • Minimum 2 years as a full time teacher in any educational institution that promotes international education.
  • Submission of duly filled application form online. The applicant should provide two confidential references submitted to the online application. One reference should be either the director or principal of your current school. Applicants should ensure that the application form is completed with referees.
  • Host school mentor – the applicant must find a mentor who is suitably qualified and experienced. The mentor will then evaluate the proficiency and skill of the applicant, which will include competency, communication, interpersonal skills, evaluation, planning, assessment, etc.
  • Mail the scanned copies of all credentials to info@Linwoodeducationcollege.com
  • When the application is processed, the applicants should remit the tuition fee online to confirm joining the course. If you need an invoice, you can request it by writing an email to accounts@Linwoodeducationcollege.com.