Knowledge For Teaching Course

Knowledge For Teaching Course

It is a well-known fact that not all learning takes place in a classroom. A child learns from his immediate environment which includes his family, social circle and even from entertainment channels like television, games and movies. It is the norm to expect that teaching has to have a formal setup with a teacher in front of a classroom teaching the students. Here, the teacher is seen as a professional worker with authority and status in the society derived from her competence and the role she plays in the society. However, the teacher wants to be looked upon as a professional and a craftsman and expects to be treated as one. For this to happen, a teacher needs to have deep knowledge of the subjects, skills and competence to support those who want to learn.

Module 1

Gives an overview of the current education system, its advantages and disadvantages.

Module 2

Looks at the psychology of learning.

Module 3

The practice of teaching.

Module 4

Learning and teaching skills.

Module 5

Deals with the practical issues one encounters during teaching.